The TT1 is a facial biometric thermometer with integrated access control and advanced wireless and wired networking support. Using a German-made temperature sensor and a wide-angle camera, it detects and display people’s temperatures quickly and safely. 

  • Simple to install

  • Easy to use

  • A clear visual indication of the recorded temperature

  • Fully-customisable user-facing interface and data presentation

  • Security and protection provided from one source


Ideal for:

- Non-contact human temperature measurement

- Automated entry system based on temperature

- Personnel management and site security.


  • NDAA Compliant

  • Camera is from Taiwan

  • Thermometer is from Germany

  • Device is Android (7” tablet) – device runs a single app – thus secure.

  • Has Contact closure ports – for sending to a turnstile/Access gates or receiving from same.

  • Item has both wireless and wired connectivity.

  • Item can be set to recognize pre-loaded individuals by facial recognition.

  • (12K faces)

  • Up to 200 devices on a single LAN

  • Device has option to record date and time and temperature and photograph of every user.

  • Known users (from database) can be identified by pupil/employee number/department etc. – this data can be made available concurrent with use as a “file”/ trigger for connection into say an HR/Payroll for attendance.


All Prices are Ex-VAT.