Hi-tech thermographic fever detection system using 2 cameras:


1 Thermo camera equipped with an inventive 256x192 IRFPA-sensor


1 Visual light camera equipped with a 1280x768 pixel sensor


Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, this camera simultaneously scans the temperature of large flows of people.


Perfect for non-contact fever monitoring at entrance of schools, universities, shopping centres, offices, sports centers/clubs, hospitals, bus/railway stations, concerts, museums and many more.


The system includes a micro-computer with pre-installed software: just connect the system to an optional video monitor using the included HDMI-cable and you are ready to run!


No PC needed, even an IR-remote control for easy operation is included!


Multi-target temperature measurement up to 4m distance with 0,5°C accuracy!


The automatic “fever alarm” goes off and a combined thermo + visual snapshot is saved when a person with increased temperature passes: very easy to recognize someone with fever! Both functions can be disabled for manual follow-up if your specific application requires this.


Measurement range: 30 – 45°C


Setup takes only a few minutes and operation is very easy!


Components included:


Dual lens thermo + visual light camera




Micro-computer with software


IR-remote control


HDMI-cable (video monitor or TV with HDMI-input optional)


Monitor Screen is NOT included


Privacy and Protection of Personal Data



This product can be equipped with features that treat Personal Data and possibly register them (ex. Thermal images and video images).



The use of these features can be subject to local law and regulations, such as for example those that relate to the treatment of personal data, the use of camera’s or the principle of confidentiality of electronic communication. Please take sufficient information so that you comply with the local regulation..