Why is PR important for busy businesses?

Picture this: you’re having a fantastic year as a company, turnover and profits are up and you’ve been flat out for months.

PR is pretty much the last thing on your mind, even if you had time to spare writing press releases, case studies and articles, would you even be able to handle the extra work it might bring?

This is the dilemma that many of our clients face, and they’ve decided to work with us for a few key reasons:

Own your brand story

Word of mouth is naturally a powerful promotional tool for businesses. Do a job well, in a tight-knit industry, and word will travel. But it’s becoming more important than ever to establish your brand story and the things that make you unique, and to shout about it to the world on your own terms. It’s your chance to promote the work you’re most proud of, to tell a story from your point of view and ‘own the narrative’ around your business.

Be a thought leader

PR content might occasionally get a bad rap, in its worst iterations coming across as barely concealed sales patter, but well thought-out PR provides valuable insight to your audiences and establishes you as a technical leader in your field. Highlighting your previous work and technical expertise might well be the deciding factor between you and a close competitor – you’ve done similar work before and you’ve demonstrated you have the capabilities to do it well.

Be visible

Business success is all very well when it comes to your bottom line but, as the saying goes, if a tree falls in the woods, does it make a sound? External perception is everything and PR allows you to show off exactly what you’ve been up to. No news is good news? Not when it comes to business.

Cherry-picking the best

Is there a business that hasn’t taken on a potentially problematic client, because a job is a job? Is there a business that hasn’t given the occasional discount, or charged a little less than they might otherwise to secure a contract? Whether or not you’re able to take on more work, you should be able to take on better work. Charge the going rate, cherry pick the clients that pay on time and are pleasant to work with and make sure you’re making the most out of your valuable man hours.

Give your business a human face

Again it all comes back to external perception. We’ve all clicked on a company website and gone straight to the ‘meet the team’ page; it’s reassuring for a business to have a human face. In addition to expanding the presence of your business within the industry you can also establish a single person – whether that’s the founder, business development or someone else – as the your figurehead. When it comes down to the wire in a pitch against a competitor, having that personal touch might just give you the edge.