We don't need PR...

Having worked in PR for 20 years, I hear the occasional company owner tell me that “We don’t need PR, we’re swamped with work!” Whilst that’s a wonderful place for a company to be, it’s worth pointing out that those companies are perhaps not without PR; maybe they are already doing an incredible job with their own PR!

Many entrepreneurs are fabulously gifted at raising the profile of their own company through networking and word of mouth referrals or recommendations. They have a strong personal commitment to service with consistent back up and immediate problem resolution, which is wonderful PR - done naturally, but PR nevertheless.

But not every company works in a field where this personal set of interactions is a prominent part of the business model. It’s also worth noting that sometimes a change in personnel can trigger a fast change in company perception or reputation so it’s always worth considering a centrally managed dissemination of PR across a number of outlets to maintain the overall equilibrium - and this can be done very effectively across a variety of media.

However, and wherever you chose to share your news, your external communication should be aligned to a carefully targeted plan. Within the news of your company’s great wins, is the real essence of your company getting lost in translation?

A carefully thought through PR strategy is the perfect accompaniment to your sales pipeline. Though it maybe frustrating to a sales team that PR is not as metrically measurable as its own performance, it must be pointed out that no decision is made in a vacuum.

Those new business calls that haven’t been hunted down, where do they come from? When you’ve launched a new product or changed your service, how do customers find out about those? When you know you do a better job than your competitor, yet they get all the business? Well, how can you change that?

Telling your existing and new customer base all about your company and why it’s the best choice for them, from an internally managed standpoint, that’s the function of PR. And if you don’t control the messaging your customers hear about why they should by from you, then you do need PR.