We aren't sales people...

Our founder Tom shares his approach to selling, and there’s not a cold-call in sight.

I’ll often say ‘we aren’t sales people’ when describing our team of… well, sales people. Our team may actually sell our clients’ products, but there isn’t a ‘traditional’ sales person among us – I’m very relieved to say.

When I think of selling, I think of cold calling, or assertive sales people pushing a product onto anyone who shows a glimmer of interest. But this is 2021 and that hard sell approach doesn’t work anymore. Has it ever really worked in the long run? I believe there’s a balance to be had; we aren’t afraid to pick up the phone, but we do it in order to build our network by bringing more people into our circle, rather than to cold sell to strangers.

Our approach is focused on our networks and the trusted relationships we have built up with our fellow industry colleagues over the many years that we have all been in the industry. We are all seasoned event professionals (well, apart from our young Ben, but he is fast building his network and so he isn’t far behind us oldies) and we have years, even decades of experience and industry contacts that we have worked with.

We don’t cold call our prospects, we simply ring up our network of industry mates and contacts, and we have a chat. We ask how they are doing, what they are up to at the moment and what their future plans are. We discuss the technical problems that they need help to solve, their pains and their gains. We listen, and we listen some more and we try to fully understand and get to grips with their issues. And then, and only then if we think we have a solution then we suggest a product that could help. But we may not, because we might not have a product for them, and that’s equally important to know that we won’t try to fit a square peg into a round hole.

Our way works for both our clients and our network of contacts because we aren’t actually selling, we are simply listening to our friends and mulling over some problems and solutions. It’s a very natural peer to peer discussion because they are our industry colleagues, and we have the experience and expertise to help them. But above all, we guard their friendships with us and we don’t push them into something they don’t want or need – you simply don’t do that to your friends. If we have a product on our books that could help, we simply tell them about it. We aren’t limited to one product so we aren’t always trying to sell the same product to all our connections.

We are very much involved in the leading industry associations and we attend the industry exhibitions – our network is constantly growing and evolving. People buy people and our industry is a people focused one. Our team knows our industry; we know all the pain points, how the successes are built and everything that happens in-between.

We have been there and done that; we get it. Do give me a call if you’d like us to ‘not sell’ your products too…