Virtual Events Institute announces AMMP Media as production partner

The Virtual Event Institute (VEI) has confirmed AMMP Media as an official event production partner.

As an event production partner, AMMP Media will be hosting the Institute’s webinars, summits, and training sessions, among other events.

The Virtual Events Institute was launched in July 2020 as a global platform with the aim of "bringing the events community together to inspire, discuss and learn how to produce exceptional virtual and hybrid events".

The VEI aims to "inspire and equip the next generation of event professionals through certification, training, awards and industry insight".

VEI's latest summit, ‘Where are we now and what will 2021 look like: the future of the events industry’, will see AMMP hosting the broadcast and providing visual content and analytics to the organisers. The summit will be taking place at 4pm GMT on 24 November.

Bogdan Maran, Co-Founder of AMMP Media, commented: “We’re excited to be working with the Virtual Events Institute as production partner. The VEI continues to provide much-needed education, analysis and training at a time where many if not all organisers have been required to hold their own virtual and online events.

Sophie Ahmed, CEO and co-founder of the Virtual Events Institute, added: “We’re thrilled to be partnering with AMMP Media for our upcoming virtual events.

“The 24 November summit will bring together panellists from across the business events world to discuss the key trends and challenges of 2020. They will also be taking a look ahead to 2021 and discussing what future event models might look like, including any new opportunities that have arisen through the digitisation of events.”