The magic combination of blogging and social media

Jill Hawkins, shares some tips about how to combine blogging and social media for maximum results:

I adore writing blogs, but having a blog as a stand-alone entity, or as a page on your website is a bit like building a café in the middle of a field. It may be a wonderful café with amazing cakes, comfy chairs and tasty homemade beverages; but it is still in the middle of a field. No-one knows where it is, and there’s not a lot of passing traffic. The odd rambler may stumble upon it whilst walking, and a few friends and relations may hear about it and come over for a coffee. But the majority of people will miss it because they simply don’t know it’s there.

Just like the café, you need to let people know about your blog and to temp them in to sample your wares. This is usually via other digital marketing methods – such as a newsletter or social media because it’s easy to include direct links to the blog for your readers to quickly access. For a serious new business campaign, I would always advocate the use of a newsletter over social media any day – but that’s a blog for another time.

I’ve already written about how to create a business blog (here) so I thought I’d share some tips about how to use social media to promote your blog:

Don’t just share it once: Each blog deserves to be read so don’t leave it to fate that your readers will see that one tweet promoting it. Hardly anyone goes to your Twitter profile page to see everything you have posted – most people just scroll their news feed. So you need to increase your chance of being seen by posting a link to your blog more than once. Three is the magic number, but if the content is good (as it should be if you have followed the guidance in my other blog 😊) then it can be shared a number of times – maybe using the hashtag of ‘Throwback Thursday’ or the like.

Give your followers a taster: Take some of the content and use it to write your social media posts –think of it as the film trailer for your film (sorry – more analogies…) and share some of the highlights and the best bits to wet the readers’ appetite and get them interested. Don’t just post ‘John has written a new blog, read it here…’ and expect your followers to click on your link.

Be personable: My personal favourite is to take a couple of key sentences and use them in the post as written speech. A blog is a personal opinion and it just feels more authentic if you take the writer’s words and share them as a comment. One of the reasons you are posting blogs is that ‘people buy people’ so make sure the person, and their personality, and experience comes across in your social posts.

Mix it up: Use different quotes and angles in each of your posts – don’t just cut and paste one post and share it again. What might appeal to one follower may not appeal to another so mix it up a bit and share different parts / quotes from the blog.

Mix it up (part 2): People use social media differently and they like to consume media at different times. Make sure you share your blog on different days and at different times. You can then see which posts are the most popular and when is the best time to post them.

Don’t ignore the weekends or evenings: You may be promoting a business-related blog, but the distinction between home and work life is becoming more blurred and people don’t just stop reading business related articles at 5pm.

Blogging and social media really is a magic combination; if you create great content and then have a consistent and thorough means of promoting that content with your audience then you will be rewarded by a great readership.