So what the f*** do we actually do?

CC Managing Director Tom Wilkes clears up some misconceptions about the company as he answers the question...what the f*** do we actually do?

When describing what Collaborative Creations does to people who haven’t heard of us, I’ve found there are some common misconceptions. It can be a bit difficult to summarise, too, because we have our fingers in quite a lot of pies. So - I thought I’d clear up a few of those misconceptions with this blog post.

Let's start off by getting the name right…we are Collaborative Creations. Think of it this way: we’re collaborative first and foremost because CC is all about bringing together a diverse range of skills and people. We’re exclusively in the creative industry, and we understand the different mindsets and workflows. We've brought together a powerhouse of skills in business development, training, digital marketing and PR. All those important jobs and skills that are essential to the growth of a company, but consistently get put off.

We’re not, as I’ve also heard a few times, a distributor. We work with lighting and sound companies, and we have a showroom of their products in our London Waterloo office. But our sole purpose isn’t just to shift their stock: we represent and support these brands in a variety of ways.

Firstly, we train people on how to make the best use of them - with our large contact books, we know plenty of creative folk working across the UK’s theatre and live event industries. We help them get to grips with the technology and maximise its potential.

Secondly, we represent them from a marketing perspective. We have a lot of experience in PR and social media within the team, and can help generate a positive buzz around a brand or a specific product. Importantly, we also have the technical expertise to sift out the bulls***, if you’ll pardon my French. We know when someone is making empty promises, and we’ll never recommend something we wouldn’t be genuinely excited about ourselves.

Which brings me to my final misconception: we aren’t JUST a marketing agency. Sometimes we’ve been summarised in this way, but again - it’s just one of the services we offer. Think of CC as a network you can tap into. Whether you’re after some new leads, or you need someone to manage your social media efficiently and on brand - we’re there to help.

Hopefully that answers the question - ‘what the f*** do we actually do’. If you’re still confused - give me a call and I’ll be happy to elaborate.