LEDBlade - What's all the fuss about?

Sometimes it’s the simple touches that make a big difference to an event’s lighting.

Small, quirky design elements can add depth and tone to an otherwise plug-and-play corporate set-up. Little creative flourishes can become the go-to background for everyone’s instagram story. Flexible, adaptable products allow designers and producers to bring something truly unique to life.

LEDBlade is a unique visual asset for creative lighting design, and first came into existence as the result of a 2014 creative pitch by Hungarian service provider Visual Power. The pitch described industrial scaffolding ‘highlighted’ vertically and horizontally by LED stripes, integrated with video content.

At the time there was no product which would fulfil these requirements, so the Visual Power team had just over six months to kick their R&D team into gear to create something with the right design and functionality. Unsurprisingly, once the product launched, word spread and LEDBlade Ltd was formed to keep up with demand and oversee mass production.

Nowadays, LEDBlade products are used across 19 countries in four continents, and we thought we’d take a look at some of the most creative uses of LEDBlade we’ve seen from events and installations around the world.

Outdoor installations

This is a creative use of LEDBlade products by a Lithuanian experimental project called Digital Forest, which really demonstrates the limitless potential of the system. The durability of the LEDBlade products really makes a huge difference here too, as the client could trust in the long-term effectiveness of their design across the duration of the installation.

The interesting spider’s web-like use of LEDBlade not only looks striking on the ground but provides a really effective distribution of light on the trees. Woodland walks and similar events were one of the few areas of the events industry that could continue to function to a certain degree during Covid and it may well continue to be a thriving area of the industry as uncertainty around live events continues into 2021.

Bespoke imagery

This creative use of LEDBlade was on display at the grand opening of the Zayed-Gandhi museum in Abu Dhabi. The museum, which commemorates the 100th birth anniversary of Shaikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan and 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, used LEDBlade to celebrate its two namesakes, taking advantage of the products’ ability to incorporate unique designs and personalised imagery.

This is a great example of the striking impact the pixel-mappable products can have in entranceways and as part of events such as product launches and even longer term displays.

Style and functionality

This corporate event put together by Promo Logistica in Croatia makes use of bespoke, curved pieces to create a great-looking walkway extending the stage into the audience. One of the huge benefits LEDBlade can bring to live events is as a quirky design addition to corporate sets.

The curved LEDBlade pieces work well with the circular design see across the rest of the stage and provide a really unique alternative to gangways usually seen at awards events.

Striking structures

LEDBlade pieces really take this dome to the next level at Hungary’s Budapest Park outdoor event. Similar to the setup which originally inspired the LEDBlade product design, the strips run along the structure and allow it to really come to life as darkness falls at the event.

This image really demonstrates the value of LEDBlade products as a long-term investment, as they can be adapted to suit any variation and shape of structure as events evolve year-on-year.

Backing bands

This is a nice example of how LEDBlade can be used in quite a straightforward way to produce a really visually interesting effect onstage, lighting by Norwegian band MORK. Particularly in venues with minimal in-house lighting and professional staging, LEDBlade is easy to install and fit to unexpected circumstances and set-ups, particularly for events on the road which are constantly adapting to new venues.