Collaborative Creations - It's all in the name

When I failed my engineering degree in my early 20s, my lecturer was extremely apologetic, but he did say (I think by way of compensation) “have you ever thought of working in sales…?”

I didn’t think much about it at the time, because I fell into the world of sound engineering. But I guess that the comment stayed with me because when I finally decided to get out of the touring business, I made the move into business development. I’d just completed three amazing tours for some seriously major acts - Daft Punk, Tool and The Pet Shop Boys – and I wanted to quit whilst I was ahead, to stay in the industry but to forge some sort of a normal life.

Back then what I did was called ‘sales’ but I didn’t really sell in the way that you associate with most ‘sales people.’ I still don’t consider myself a sales person; I believe that ‘selling’ is just about connecting with another human being, in trying to be a force for good, in listening, guiding and mentoring, and in collaborating to uncover a common goal and a win-win solution.

Nothing in our industry is possible without collaboration; gigs and events couldn’t take place without a collaborative team of like-minded people working together towards a common goal. This is why I was fascinated with the name ‘Collaborative Creations’ (CC) and why I approached Tom about us working together. I could already describe myself as a ‘collaborative creative’ as I have been working collaboratively on creative projects for over 25 years, but I think that the way that the company brings talented people together to collaborate for the good of our clients is the way forward.

I have worked in business development in our industry for many years and during that time I have found that there are many companies that need a high-level business development professional but they neither have the budget or the work capacity to need someone like me full time. Working with CC gives those companies access to me for a project, or for a more long-term approach. They can budget to work with me and the team for a number of days or just a few hours, rather than having to cover my whole salary. Working this way also means that I get the benefit of working within an existing business infrastructure, and it enables me to collaborate with an entire team of people, each of us bringing fresh new ideas and different approaches to the table. We have a wealth of different experiences over many different disciplines including sales, PR, social media and marketing and we bring these together into one collaborative solution.

To be honest, I’ve always loved the South Bank, so having the CC Studio just by Festival Hall (and Waterloo Station) is an amazing attraction for me too. It’s a lovely location, and we offer the perfect spot for events, meetings, hotdesking or a bit of respite in between meetings, for a coffee or a beer.

It really is all in the name, so please pop by and say hi, and let us show you how collaborative and creative thinking and working is the way forward for our industry.