Digital Marketing for DragonFly Lighting

Dragonfly Lighting enlisted Collaborative Creations on a one-off project basis to put together a three-month social media campaign, rewrite parts of the company’s website and create case studies for its key markets and services.

The key aims for the social media marketing campaign were:

  • Fulfil terms of Art Council Culture Recovery Fund grant

  • Promote the business’s new web and online streaming services

  • Demonstrate the breadth and quality of Dragonfly Lighting’s work

  • Demonstrate the investments and precautions taken by the business to be Covid-safe

  • Expand into new markets

  • Associate with partner brands and respected industry brands

The Collaborative Creations team put together a three-month plan of posting across four platforms – creating Twitter and LinkedIn accounts for the business – complete with relevant industry hashtags and imagery. The social media project also included following industry accounts relevant to the business and ensuring accounts had up to date bios and information.

The work with the Dragonfly Lighting website was split into two sections: new content/page rewrites and case studies. The homepage was rewritten, a services page was added and the gallery and news pages were reformatted.

The CC team interviewed key Dragonfly clients for case study content which could provide examples of work carried out across a range of markets, while highlighting the creativity, skill and professionalism of the Dragonfly team.

As this project was carried out during the period of applications for the Culture Recovery Fund, the CC team also assisted Dragonfly Lighting in putting together information for the application, including examples of work in the community, cultural impact and diversity practices.