Celebrating Global Entrepreneurship Week

This week, companies around the UK and the globe are celebrating Global Entrepreneurship Week, spearheaded by the Global Entrepreneurship Network. Plus, at Collaborative Creations we’ve recently (ish) passed the six-month mark since the launch of the business back in March.

The first six months of growing the business have been everything you’d expect: exciting, nerve-wracking, rewarding and a huge learning curve. The company at its core is a group of like-minded individuals trying to find an honest and mutually beneficial way to work with clients and with each other, and we try to keep that at the heart of everything we do.

The name Collaborative Creations stems from the idea that sharing knowledge and ideas can make each individual stronger in their role. We’re a small team, each with our own specific roles and specialties, and one that works remotely, so regular communication and taking time to talk through challenges and projects is vital. You never know when a colleague might be able to connect the dots in a way you haven’t seen.

The allure of launching a startup is clear to see: autonomy, agency and the ability to craft the kind of company you’d want to work for, and with. The negatives, as anyone celebrating Global Entrepreneurship Week alongside us can attest, can often be opposite sides of the same coin: uncertainty, complete accountability and the propensity to over-work and lose sight of the work/life balance.

To tackle these potential negatives at Collaborative Creations we’ve focused on many of the same key areas as the Global Entrepreneurship Network itself. We celebrate each others’ successes and tackle any failures and shortcomings as a team, working through problems rather than assigning blame.

Vitally, employee welfare has to be front and centre. The world of work is changing and new businesses have the opportunity to do things right from the off. A healthy working culture has to be built on trust, especially, as in our case, with remote working. We trust that everyone is invested in and passionate about what we do, not to mention that autonomy has long been proven to have positive effects on a company culture.

We seek out opportunities to learn and grow ourselves and the business, whether that’s through mentoring, conferences, networking, trade shows or more. No-one is too experienced to learn from their peers and trailblazers in parallel industries and businesses.

We place a great deal of importance on being the type of business that we would want to work with. What that means in practice is that we have a clear idea of the kind of clients who could benefit most from what we do, and approach the potential clients appropriate to our skills, size and scope. Plus, we work with companies that we respect, with products and services that we believe in, so that we can be truthful and genuine when we represent them in a professional capacity.

Collaborative Creations is just at the start of its business journey and we’re incredibly excited about what the future might hold. To all the fellow entrepreneurs and startups around the world: Happy GEW2019!

Some of the Collaborative Creations team enjoying some down time at Book of Mormon in London.