Business Development for Follow-Me

At the start of 2020, Collaborative Creations was confirmed as a UK partner and representative of Follow-Me, a high quality remote follow-spot software used on prestigious tours, shows and events around the world.

The aim was to promote the brand and the product to UK lighting designers and decision-makers across the theatre, touring, corporate and festival industries. This is turn created sales and marketing opportunities.

The first step was for the CC team to get to grips with the Follow-Me software and hardware, with technical specialist Ben Linwood carrying out a deep-dive into every facet of the product.

“As a product it’s flexible, independent and affordable,” Ben comments. “It gives you the ability to work with any moving light fixture from any manufacturer, giving LDs a lot of choice and freedom.”

“It’s quite an unique product, especially when it comes to handling 3D positioning; taking into account lots of parameters like stage set pieces, risers etc. I also like the fact that more operators can be added to the system with only another controller, making it far more cost effective to scale.”

The year began with Collaborative Creations carrying out several bespoke demos for potential clients, tailored to their knowledge level and technical requirements.

Despite the impact of Covid, the CC team was able to capitalise on the down-time of a lot of professionals in the industry, hosting small, socially distanced training and demo sessions in the company’s Waterloo office along with on-site demos for rental companies.

Virtual demos and sales meetings throughout the year allowed for an even wider exposure to the system, meaning work could continue throughout the lockdowns and enabling those who had to shield to experience the product.