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Meet the Team

A headshot of Tom Wilkes with a brick backdrop

Tom Wilkes

Managing Director


I love this industry and I want to help others get the best of it. As Managing Director, I oversee the all-star team here at CC.

A headshot of Sam Vincent with a brick backdrop

Sam Vincent



I have worked in the events and pro audio industry for over 15 years. As Director at CC, my role is to advise and assist our clients on strategy and delivery.

A headshot of Chris West with a brick backdrop

Chris West

Training and Education Director

With years of experience in training roles across the industry, my role is to help create and deliver bespoke training courses for CC clients.

A headshot of Ben Linwood with a brick backdrop

Ben Linwood

Technical Specialist


From technical product demos to on-site support and training, I help our clients to increase their product knowledge.

A headshot of Ian Saunders with a brick backdrop

Ian Saunders

Business Delivery Manager


My role is ensuring that clients agreed goals and KPIs are on track. I work closely with the whole team to maintain CC’s high standards.

A headshot of Nic Farman with a brick backdrop

Nic Farman 

Business Development Specialist

As a Business Development Specialist, I work to forge relationships between our clients 
and the lighting design community.

A headshot of Stuart Wood with a brick backdrop

Stuart Wood

Content Manager


I have worked in event industry journalism for several years. As Content Manager, my role now lets me work directly with our clients to tell their stories.